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Overall: We went as a family (6 of us-one member a 9 year girl) to spend time in this part of France. This Villa was the perfect setting to provide us the base for day trips. We would usually spend an hour or two at the beach before setting out for the day to experience this wonderful area. The Villa was our haven when we were tired and our window on the world--we would sit at night watching the ships crossing the Sea and the night lights come on over the area. We enjoyed the outside patio furniture which allowed us to use the outside area. View is great. Fountain adds a soothing touch. The piano is an added bonus with a good sound. Appreciated the magazines/books to read and some cds to play. Beds were comfortable and linens good. We appreciated the quietness of the neighborhood and just picked up what we needed before returning to the Villa. Enjoyed the walk to the beach
We did spend most mornings on the beach and many evenings on the patio. And if the Villa enticed too much, we just stayed "home" for the day because we really did go to rest and relax! Restaurants: Had a glorious experience at the restaurant on top of the mountain (which one can see from the dining room and patio) Chateau Chevre d'Or. We had a four hour lunch experience no one will ever forget! Definitely a recommendation to do. Let them feed you what the chef suggests and pair the wine with the meal! We would usually eat out at a very nice place then take a day or so and eat simple meals at the Villa. Since we usually eat more simply at home, our body did not have any reactions and we felt good the whole time. The property manager helped us find the local grocery store, so we would try different foods on our own using the kitchen at the Villa.
Directions: The Villa is quite easy to find after getting there the first time. It's easy to get around the entire area--there are basically 4 different roads and each one is on a different level. So just chose the one which goes to the area you want to go. We used the coastal route most, but twice when we were further away (Cannes) we caught the very high toll road and got back to Eze very quickly, avoiding the lower evening beach traffic. Victor, was the most accommodating manager/host! He was available but not intrusive. Would show up to work in the garden and ask if we needed anything. We had no problem at all communicating with him. His English is 500% better than our French. We appreciated his suggestions on things to do. He really made a difference in making our time very pleasant. We had a wonderful time!

The view was spectacular and it was centrally located in the region so that we could drive into Italy, or to Monaco, or to Nice very quickly. Victor was wonderful and very kind to us! The view everywhere was amazing. The people were very friendly. There's so much to do; I only wish we could have stayed longer. Nearby Events or Locales:
It's in walking distance if you're young and spry. But otherwise it's too steep and there are too many stairs to walk. Much better to take a car. Nearest big grocery store is in Beaulieu. Check In Out: Victor had to come quite early because of our flight schedule and was very kind to do so. He was also very kind to help with bags, which I know is not a part of his duties.

The villa was just out of site. and let me say this!!! Victor was great , whatever you do, don't loose Victor. He showed up with his English-French dictionary, and a heart of gold. A really great guy.
Location. it was beautiful, the scenery was breathtaking, above us were the cliffs on which Eze overlooked, below us was the sea.
The French coast line along the Med is everything everyone has ever said it was. And we had our own villa right there in the middle of it all. We went to Ville Franche, Beaulieu, Nice, Monaco, Cap d'Ail, San Remo, Ventimiglia. All of these towns are a hop, skip and a jump from the villa. The only problem was we ran out of time. I could have stayed a month and traveled west of Nice to Provence, etc.
Do it - just do it!!! What ever you packed it's too much; casual is everywhere. Great restaurants: Anjuna on the beach in Eze, Chateau Esa and the Le Grill du Chateau both in Eze. Calypso, rooftop dining overlooking the marinas in Ville Franche, Metropole in Beaulieu, Cafe de Paris in Monaco, La Maison De Marie in Nice, L'Auberge du Redier in Colomars.

The property has a ton of outdoor space, it would be great for travelers with children. The property also seems very secure and is new and spacious.
Gorgeous scenery and magnificent views of the Mediterranean. The villa was in easy walking distance to the train station and beach.
Great restaurant in Beaulieu Sur Mer called Les Agaves. We went there a year ago on our honeymoon and returned twice during our weeklong stay this year. Another place not to be missed is the Grand Hotel St. Jean Cap Ferrat. It is about a 15 minute drive from the villa and is absolutely amazing. The dinner is expensive, but well worth it. It is most advisable to have a car at the villa as there are many small towns between the villa and Nice. It is also a beautiful drive to Eze Village
Victor is a wonderful property manager and made the process very smooth. He was on site on occasion to tend to the gardens and brought us several lemons from the trees at the villa.

I can't say enough about how wonderful it was and what a great help Victor, the manager, was. He was around about every other day and was very nice and helpful with any of our needs. We loved our stay and would certainly recommend it to anyone.
The view was one of the most magnificent views you could have. The location was ideal for catching the train to anywhere you wanted to go. And the little town of Beaulieu had everything we could possibly need and such a short distance.
Eze was just at the bottom of the hill and in easy walking distance. There was a small grocery with fresh baguettes every morning, a small cafe with good cappuccino and croissants for breakfast, and a good restaurant for dinner at night. Other than that, you had to go into Beaulieu which was only about 3 miles away for everything else. It was a lovely town and had everything we could possibly need.
The house was well stocked and tenderly cared for We really enjoyed the restaurant at Auberge de Soliel which was in walking distance of the house. Otherwise, there were many good restaurants in Beaulieu and easy to find. It is a small town but easy to get around in. There was an open air market every day to buy fresh produce and seafood, a good meat market and lots of bakeries and bread shops. No lack for anything.
The manager, met us on arrival. He went over all of the directions with the house and was extremely nice and helpful. His English isn't perfect, but you can understand him very well and he is quite patient about taking the time to understand you. He loaned us his own CDs to listen to while we were there. A very special man -

The deck and yard were very nice. The view was beautiful. Victor was very nice and helpful. The kitchen was well equipped.
Good access to everywhere.
There were a few restaurants in walking distance, though, and they were excellent, especially the one at the beach.
The Check In Out went very smoothly.

Each bathroom had its own bathroom, plus one half-bath. The view was wonderful. It's proximity to the train station is an outstanding trait, and easy stroll. Same for the beach. I found the caretaker to be charming and helpful even to the point where he offered to have us follow him to the best grocery story in the area, so that we could find it. We really enjoyed our discussions with him about the region's plants - he tends the beautiful gardens next door - and the size and quality comparisons to those found were we live. The citrus trees were fragrant and added a nice touch. We enjoyed the piano. We appreciated the information about what to do in the area and the maps, especially the one we got in advance. The caretaker was so kind he even left information about what was on sale at the local grocery store!
The surrounding area is beautiful. Most easily accessible by train, too. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Lovely location in a quiet setting above the traffic of the coastal highway. Adjacent properties are vacation homes, most owned by northern Europeans, who visit for long weekends or for summer vacations. The house is well-built and well-furnished with comfortable beds, sofas, and chairs. The patio terrace has a beautiful view and provides a comfortable area for lounging. It is only a short walk down the hill to a cafe for coffee or lunch. Several flourishing orange trees provide most of the greenery.
The two towns that make up Eze - Eze Bord du Mer and Eze Village - are both quiet and peaceful. Eze Village is perched on the mountain inland from Eze Bord du Mere. During the summer, there is a shuttle bus that runs from the train station in Eze Bord du Mer, up to the old town of Eze Village which has many shops, restaurants, and a very nice hotel.
The restaurant at the hotel on top of the mountain has spectacular views. The food is excellent and the setting is just one-of-a-kind. Access to the restaurant is by foot up a rather steep street trough the old village where there are no cars allowed, but well worth the effort.
It is important to know that Eze Village and Eze Bord du Mer are two SEPARATE PARTS of the same town. It is possible to walk up to the village, but it is quite a climb. Far easier to take a bus or taxi. There is a short way to go up to the Moyen Corniche and reach the freeway rather than going back along the coastal highway in the direction of Monaco. Initial arrival is definitely easiest by the coastal highway from the Monaco direction as indicated in the directions. Later, the shortcut is not difficult to figure out---you just go up hill.

It's hard to say what I enjoyed the most.
For what it's worth, my wife wouldn't have minded staying there for the whole week - and not going out. The property manager was just great.

The house is a new home with 3 1/2 bathrooms and modern appliances-fixtures. We enjoyed the tangerine, orange and lemon trees on the property, which we picked to make fresh juice every day.
Eze Bord de Mer is a very small town. The nearest towns with gas stations, grocery stores, etc. are Beaulieu sur Mer to the west and Cap D'Ail to the east, which are within a 5 minute drive from the villa.
We had an excellent New Years Eve dinner at Fouquet's at the Hotel Majestic in Cannes about an hour from Eze.

The combination of view, location and quality of the residence. The villa was just a hop and step from Beaulieu-sur-mer where we found a local supermarket that provided much of our daily needs. We were about 1 1/2 kilometers from La Reserve de Beaulieu, a Guide Michelin highest rated Hotel with a 2-Star restaurant. That is as good as it gets.
Magnificent views were the order of the day. Navigation of the area was simple and rather traffic free. We were there in early October. The proximity to Monte Carlo and the freeway A-8 was a plus.
Eze Village was just down the hill. Almost a village, it was tiny with little amenities other than a couple of Restaurant/Bars and a train station. The walk was rather lengthy downhill with a challenging uphill walk back to the house.
As stated, La Reserve De Beaulieu is outstanding and affordable for the occasional dinner. Lots of little cafes to stop and enjoy. Up the Moyenne Corniche road - about an 8 minute drive - perched on top of the mountain, is the ancient walled monastery that houses Le Chevre d'Or restaurant and Villa Eze. La Chevre d'Or and its environs is a must for a sight-see. The area around Villa Panorama is rife with sightseeing possibilities. The views just get better and better.

It was first class. We had four children, but with 3 full bathrooms, it would be an ideal chance for 3 couples to spend a week together away from work and family.
It was in excellent condition with a beautiful garden and fantastic view of the Mediterranean.
Eze Bord de Mer had only 2 small stores, about 4 minutes walking distance, but we got to know the owner of one and he had our croissants ready each morning during our stay.
We think that the Papaya Beach private beach had excellent food and chairs, showers, etc. It was a 10-min walk from our front door.
The key holder was excellent, and very accommodating to all of our needs. He also explained a lot of the area to us and guided us one day to the Bellet Vineyard. We got to be very good friends.

June 2005
We had such a wonderful time in your villa....Words cannot properly describe our experience, but I will try
This home has such a warm, spacious feel to it.....we were very comfortable-and didn't want to leave....and the view! The peaceful Mediterranean Sea at night was spectacular...early morning sunrise was refreshing. It was so easy to relax...read, rest, sunbathe! It was a dream of a lifetime to stay in your Villa.
Thanks so much.

September 2005
We have booked the house for the first time last summer 2005 from the private person and not from the company. I must admit we were a bit concerned whether the house will be what it was promised to be (last year we had a house at Mallorca with a big company and had quite a bad experience with it).
However here it was really a paradise. The house is beautiful, very nicely furnished in a wonderful surroundings with a unique view over the sea. Everything you need is in the house, beautiful terrace with nice plants and sculptures - also for people with very high demands!
It is a very silent neighborhood, with almost no traffic. You can reach Nice and Monaco within 15 minutes or even less. A nice beach is about 3 minutes.
Besides all things mentioned above we were very positively surprised and touched how the owner of the house took care of us! Not only in advance he provided us with all necessary information (e.g. entertainment for children), he also took care the whole time during our stay (one person from the family had birthday and he sent somebody with the bunch of flowers and a gift!!! We had never experienced something like that!.)It made us feel very comfortable in the house and made our vacation truly wonderful. I can recommend this house (and its owner) to everybody who wants to have a very special vacation!
Thanks again for such a nice holidays my family spent at you house - I am sure they and we will come back!

Thanks again for the use of your Villa. It was a beautiful spot.
My only complaint was that we needed to spend 4 weeks to really enjoy the region.
Victor was a wonderful host. The children loved him like a grand-father.
Thanks again

The owner has done an exceptional job with the property and the caretaker was extremely helpful.
The outside terraces with the views were exceptional. For us, the access to a piano and a tennis court was significant. The house itself was very comfortable, especially the bathrooms.
A beautiful scenic area with many great walks, fine restaurants and the farmers market in Beaulieu. Many worthwhile things to see in the nearby areas yet a quiet and peaceful place to return to.
A car was very useful. The Boulangerie in Beaulieu was exceptional. Argave and the Captains Table were very good local restaurants.
The caretaker was very conscientious and made both the arrival and departure very easy.

The views were beautiful and the villa was quite peaceful. We really enjoyed our week at the villa and would highly recommend it to future renters.
Villefranche was our favorite little town and there are great, and I mean great restaurants in Cap, which is just a five minute drive from the villa.
There was really nothing you needed to bring - the villa had everything. I would recommend maybe having the villa stocked with essentials by property manager.
With the direction, we had no trouble finding it.

As villas go, this one was refurbished two years ago, and it meets the highest standards. VERY modern. It is really lovely, spacious and more like a home than some vacations rooms.
Cleanliness was fantastic. Size, modernness, equipment were all great. We had 4 adults and 3 children and the property easily handled us. Victor was truly a gem. He went out of his way to make our trip fantastic. The location is great without having the big city feel. Amazingly well equipped. Great location! Easy access to all of the coastal cities. Couldn't ask for a better location.
Eze sur Mer is within walking distance. Going down is easy but going up is not as much fun. Car is preferable.
We loved the Auberge du Soleil just down the hill.
The directions were excellent.
Victor was extremely helpful and thorough. It took almost an hour to go over everything.

The view was to die for. The area was perfect. Vincent, the keyholder, was the most enjoyable person. We loved him. I will definitely go back to this property and Eze again.
Beautiful mountains and the sea was gorgeous. Perfect the first week in October.
Wonderful restaurants and shops just 4 or 5 kms away. I thought I had died and gone to heaven on the patios and the view from the living room and dining room and master bedroom.
I will go back!

Enjoyed Most:
I loved the view and the location. It was even more than I had expected. The photos I saw on the web site don't do it justice. Looking up from the dining room window and outside veranda to the perched Eze Village above was "magnifique" There was a tennis court within walking distance from the villa and several of us enjoyed playing on that court with the fabulous panoramic view of the coast line.
Victor, the property manager was always there when we needed something. A quite delightful man.
I loved the fact that we were basically around the corner from Monaco, only about 7 km, and then going the other direction was the lovely town of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, with Cap Ferrat and Villefranche-sur-Mer visible to the west. Nice was also only about a 20-minute ride from the villa.
Eze-sur-Mer was a short walk from the villa. We enjoyed walking down to the local cafe across from the train station. A nice lunch could be enjoyed there with friendly waiters and a bit of the local color.

This is a wonderful property to savor and enjoy. Believe me, your time will pass by all too quickly and it will leave you wanting.
This is a fantastic property with tremendous views of the Sea and Mountains from almost every room in the house. This region of France has so many areas of interest, you'll be torn between making daily excursions to see the nearby countryside vis-a-vis enjoying this fantastic Villa.
The Villa is situated on the French Riviera and there are beautiful views from nearly every room. It is located close to many beautiful, quaint medieval villages in the nearby countryside. We preferred experiencing the many nearby villages much more than going into the large cities ie - Monte Carlo or Nice. So whatever your preference, either quiet Villa, the Big City, a small Village or just a day at the beach, you will be able suit your need.
Villefranche-Sur-Mer and Beaulieu-Sur-Mer are relatively close. Both are minutes by auto. I would not recommend walking unless you are an avid walker.
The Villa has a stereo system complete with DVD, CD, TV and local radio through the Tuner. I rather enjoyed the peace and quiet all week long. We elected to not turn on the TV at all! Instead we chose to listen to the classical music on the FM and enjoy the beautiful scenery out each window. I would definitely recommend a trip to the marche/grocery store in town and stock up on groceries and local specialties. The choices for wines, cheeses and breads along with the local fruits and vegetables are superb in area markets. As far as restaurants, you'll not be disappointed with the Food at any of the local Bistro's in the surrounding Villages.
Victor is an excellent help and a very good caretaker of the property.

Spacious, very good views, nice Mediterranean ambiance, comfortable. We found Victor to be gracious and eager to help.
Lovely views, friendly informal restaurant at the bottom of the hill, challenging mountain roads for driving.
Victor was there to meet us, and was there at the appointed time to facilitate check-out. He was kind, welcoming, warm, courteous, professional, and efficient.

The location is the best. The house has just been remodeled and is very comfortable. One special mention to Monsieur Victor the property manager. He took care of everything including finding a chef to cook for us at the house. He is the best and made a difference for us.
If I have to mention only one, which is difficult, it would be the outside with all the terraces to sit and relax.
We were right between Nice and Monaco. We didn't have a lot of driving to get anywhere and Eze itself is beautiful.
The beach nearby has 3 restaurants and they were a big surprise to us. The food is excellent.

It's a wonderful property!
The view was spectacular, amazing and it was centrally located in the region so that we could drive into Italy, or to Monaco, or to Nice very quickly. Victor was wonderful and very kind to us!
The people were very friendly. There's so much to do; I only wish we could have stayed longer.

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